How it all started

In the beginning..

It all started back in 1992, as a hobby, which turned into a passion, then turned into a vision and finally a reality by 1996. As family, close friends and colleagues gave support things began to take shape. All those missed outings with family or friends, missed meals, all nighters being a zombie, and headaches all started to pay off.

Since 1999, I have assisted many businesses and close friends, designing their vision online along with some marketing techniques and smart technology integration to simplify life. In the most recent visit on a short trip, the rebranding of what started so small to what is now known as Escobar Series & Co LLC was reborn in a simple surprise visit to a very close friend in NJ.

While tossing around ideas about his new business venture with his partners. The new HVAC servicing business venture in Northern NJ needed an online presence and other methods to bring the team's talent to light. Well that surprise visit turned from small talk with ideas to, "Here you go brother! Welcome to the WWW of the world!" You now have a website and the start of some social media platform exposure. Over the course of a few days his website took shape with the help of his partners and myself. Thanks to them, my fire started back up.

The best opportunities usually present themselves when you least expect them. I cannot complain about a hobby being a business that I can enjoy by helping others with their business ventures. In return they help me by growing my business with their ideas and challenges.

We have over 20 years experience in the field with all levels of business formats from home, small, medium, large and even government platforms. No job is too small for us to turn you away. Everyone needs that push to help establish their business and expand their horizons. We are a Veteran Owned Business and Woman Owned Business by family.

Very Respectfully,