Social Media

Digital Marketing Strategies Focused for Your Business

We offer full social media marketing service. Our team sets up your social media accounts, identifies your advertising objective (ex: website clicks, reach, engagement), and sets up your ads and bidding strategy to yield the best results.

Our team of social media marketers help you choose the right platform and advertise on it to achieve your goals. You wouldn’t post the same pictures and content on Instagram and LinkedIn, because the two platforms have very different purposes. Social media marketers help you create ads and posts that make sense for your brand and that fit the tone of each social media platform.

The true cost of forgoing social media marketing is losing out on billions of opportunities to reach new customers and discover valuable insights about your customer demographics, improving your marketing effectiveness, and potentially falling behind industry competitors.

Our experts ensure smooth social media ad campaign implementation. We help you narrow down your target audience and explain the different options for demographic filtering and ad targeting, create engaging ad copy, design eye catching images and graphics, and choose the best placement for your ads.

There are plenty of social media platforms on the Internet to choose from when you want to advertise your business, but not every social media platform works the same way or has the same audience demographics. It’s important to choose the right social media platform for the messages you want to create for your potential customers, followers, and partners.

Social media ad spending is based on different variables such as the time of advertising (day of week, season, time of day), audience demographics, niche of your market, and the quality and relevance of the ads you create. We fine tune social media ad spending to ensure your advertising budget goes farther and achieves your business’ goals.

The cost of social media marketing on platforms like Facebook and Instagram is fairly low when compared to the cost of traditional advertising, product placement ads, TV ads, broadcast ads, and other advertising formats. However, some businesses are still hesitant to invest in social media ads, wither because they don’t understand the true cost or don’t understand the effectiveness and reach of social media.


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